Danball Senki W Japan


"Off the shores of Japan lies a manmade island called Kamui Island… In contrast with the old, circa 1960s cityscape that surrounds it, stands a single conspicuously modern building. That building is the school that Arata attends, Kamui Daimon International School! It’s the only training facility in the world for the greatest LBX players and mechanics. Admissions requirements are strict, and students must place first in at least three official tournaments before attending."

"Underneath Kamui Daimon Comprehensive Academy lies a huge diorama that spans approximately 10 kilometers. It’s a completely accurate scale model of the Earth’s surface. When War Time begins, the ceiling projects a hologram to create the image of a false sky. Here, replica automobiles run down city streets, and most other models carry out the same functions as their real world equivalents. A daylight simulator controls the passage of time here, and can even recreate natural phenomena such as rain and storms, making it extremely similar to the real world."

Tittle : Danball Senki W Japan
Device : Android / PPSSPP
Emulator : Yes
Language : English
Size : 1.5 GB


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