Golden Sun: Dark Dawn


Dark Dawn, like its predecessors, uses the traditional role-playing video game formula. Players guide characters through a fantasy-themed world as they interact with other characters, battle monsters, acquire increasingly powerful Psynergy and equipment and take part in a predefined narrative. Unlike the previous games, some locations become inaccessible after certain points, although new locations become accessible after players acquire a ship. A new feature is the addition of an encyclopedia system, which explains and keeps track of new and returning gameplay elements to players.

Much of the time spent outside of battle takes place either in the game's overworld or within dungeons, caves, and other locales with puzzles integrated into their layout. To complete puzzles, players must utilize the environment around them to complete a given objective. Many puzzles revolve around the game’s resident form of magic spells, Psynergy, requiring the player to leverage different Psynergy spells to surmount and obstacle. The player gains more Psynergy spells as the game progresses, either through leveling up or acquiring special items and with each new Psynergy spell, the party may gain access to more locations and secrets hidden within the game world. The Nintendo DS hardware allows players to use Psynergy to manipulate their surroundings in ways that were not possible in previous installments.


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