Kirby - Nightmare In Dreamland


Seems King DeDeDe, one of the only videogame bad guys that's not truly "evil" (except for maybe in the cartoons), has stolen the Star Wand from Dream Land, broken it into five pieces (man, is this ever a familiar videogame cliché), and handed each segment to his underlings. It's up to Kirby to get the wand back in one piece, otherwise nobody can dream. Or so the story goes, anyway. Kirby's this pink ball with arms and shoes that has the unique ability to suck in enemies and steal their abilities, from a cutter sword to an ice blaster, to laser beam; 24 different abilities in all. By himself, Kirby can inflate and float infinitely, but to do so means his mouth has to be shut. That's okay, though, since that breath can be used as a short-range projectile when he needs to come back down to earth. Levels have been designed to put these abilities to use, and certain, hidden exits cannot be accessed unless Kirby finds and utilizes a specific ability. Hidden areas will unlock extra parts of each world, from mini-games that will earn the player extra lives, to a museum where Kirby can snag a power-up for absolutely no charge.

The game as a whole is a very satisfying Game Boy Advance experience, with clever level design ideas that put Kirby's move-stealing abilities to good use. Most of the areas can be completed without breaking a sweat, which is a shame for the many gamers that just blow through a game without really doing any of the "discovery" stuff; the real challenge is to learn where all the hidden stuff is tucked away.


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