Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare


In Episode 1, the turtles begin saving an old person in New York City from sadistic Triceratons. After destroying three carriers deploying the Triceraton army, the turtles go underground to reach the Central Park to rescue their friends Casey and April. While in the park, Leo Raph Mikey and Don defend against the Triceratons and Professor Honeycutt pegged as the Fugitoid saved from TMNT 2 Battle Nexus assists the turtles in finding where Casey Jones and April O'Neil are held captive. Breaking into the Triceraton's base, Zaranmon, commander in chief of the Triceraton's mobilizes a robot in effort of stopping the Turtles and Traximus. Zaranmon's attempt is a failure and Traximus destroys a chair to make change in their clan.

In Episode 2, the turtles discover new technology coming from Baxter Stockman as Mousers infiltrate the sewer causing intense pain to the ears of Master Splinter. While protecting their sensei, the ninja turtles are fending off the Mousers while staying close to him. However, Master Splinter ends up captured and the turtles use hovercrafts to chase down a moving van. They are soon blocked by a tall and a small enemy duo for an ambush. Once passed them, the turtles resume in their rescue mission for Master Splinter eventually fighting with Bishop then having to use throwing stars to break a lock to free him.

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